Recalling aeolian precedents and Russolo's "Arte Dei Uumori"

Digital's skimp outputs short-change evolving natural phenomena of sound, diminishing realtime inherently oral prehistoric resources, when compared to Analog's xyz-sensor-based I/Os parallelling & on par w/Digital's 1s & 2s.

Baffinland Canada Commemorative Archive '60slitho Duluth Minnesota US November 29 at 11:04 1969

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Spaceship Earth's organic terrain and terrestial phenomena require intuitive Nano-used A/D sensors


recycle your satellite dishes analog sound re digital tools p. 86 sferics in your ears bentlight3D (get glasses) open your soundscape mic

Already humanely underway- a welcoming and eventually sustaining reality, questing and overdue, could coalesce Global's potential neighborhood-to-neighborhood collaborations: local citizens'and scientists', formulating, via media-wiki formats, a networking of community Mesh nets w/Nano backbones, and, whose indivual contributions would sustain, via interactive uses- the laser-based interlinks- beyond this year. With Global's Peoples'low powered solar and sensor-actiavted things, neighborhoods to neighborhoods Mesh-Networkings would be streamed; and, these monitorably, natural terrestrial and extraterrestial resources would be synced w/at home handhelds for Sustained listening. Thse potential sounding troves would be listened to by us in realtime. As ephemeral, naturally occurring analog to digital vibrations, these streamed "public-orchestrations" will attest: sound will have achieved parity with music.


 2014 archives: BIO WBW 2014 0utreaching his tree connections: global's analog-wave-artifacts Global Sensor Neighborhood Networking, tech-Bio ecologies Moist Realities: Music from Trees, Iceflows, and Other Natural PhenomenaRendering ecophysiological processes audibleHybrid Biological Digital Games Artificial Facial Expression Klankenbos Wednesday 27 November 2013 Musica Belgium . Windribbon Citizen Art and Science as Enablers of New Public School Excellence Initiatives Master of Electronic Art Spatiality and Interaction silent listening RENEW 2013: Media ArtHistories What is Insect Media? Athanasius Kircher. Arca Musarithmica And Many Sound Devices acousmata New Media Art, Selling Immateriality Ephemeral Physicality: Quantum Particles And Digital Art Art & Networked Culture. Tallin And The New Media Art No Music festival X 2007 Generation Input Hello Process Communication Paths Anders Bojen & Kristoffer Ørum (DK)
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 Quotlng Edward Snowden "We all have sensors in our pockets."

Texting facts, one-liners, alone, indirect a/or eye and ear accounts, measurements alone can't mirror Earth's prehistoric and evolving trove of terrestrial, extraterrestrial, biological, geological and atmospheric phenomena. Nano-based Mesh networkings via local, neighborhood, regional, country, national, global, and with the analog-to-digital sensing of these waveforms, would be well served through internationally resultant coined-commerce, and, allowing us all empirical listening from menue-sources to any natural phenomena's sensor-monitored, synced and converted audio-video streams- being available via interactive handhelds.


Art-Science " media trees" re the anthropocene

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{wind imaging}

analog p r e v i o u s insect recording studio & digital o u t h e r e Hacking the environmentC>"Ludovico Ristori: Out of curiosity, what kind of music do you prefer?

Bob Meanza: I like sound explorers, from the likes of Edgar Varèse, to creatives like Brian Eno. Living in Berlin, I'm following the scene of the radical improvisation (the "Echtzeitmusik"), where people strive to extend the sonic possibilities of their instruments. But I'm also totally fascinated by the really wild, experimental beats that are born in this city: awesome sounds that pop-up late at night in a club, maybe after hours of trite thumping, giving you the most unexpected aural experience."<)







Pasts, fr/auris ear, aurality, and aeolus wind harp histories: segueing Nano-based community-centered Mesh net, community-centered nodal collaborative prototypes

Xaeolian harp Yhexagram 1971 ZBelgium WINDRIBBON v3














cellw/fmtransmitter (as radio-talk-back backup) and direct sat-to-you

spring ahead hint BWCA Minnesota US walking w/handheld monitor pointing and sending to your friend's handheld